And Even MORE!

Debbie M.

Iam a 63 years young lady from Langley BC and would like to tell you my story.  

In 2015 my hips back and knees were so bad that I could only walk with a cane and then only about 20 steps before I had to rest.  I went to Nova Scotia in this shape. I met up with an old friend and he told me about Motion Health.  He was taking them for basically the same  reasons and told me that should take them.

I came back to BC and another friend was on them and felt great.
I thought what have I got to lose but pain?  I started taking four capsules a day and within a week I felt so much better doing things with ease!  After 2 weeks of taking Motion Health I was doing things that I hadn't done in years! My body felt too good so I cut back to 3 a day because I was scared I was going to do to much for my age since I'm not 25 anymore.

A friend and I went golfing 18 days on Motion Health and I walked all 18 holes and felt fantastic!  The year before could only do 4 holes with an electric cart . I was shocked, excited and happy to be alive . Motion Health has been a life safer for me.  Thank you! 

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