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Jim Mabey

From Nova Scotia

I first heard about the Green Lipped Mussel capsules approx. 4 years from a friend of my late mother-in-law. I was having pain in my hands and having trouble opening and holdings things of any weight without a sharp pain.

Sometimes having to put the item down and opening my hands manually.

After trying Motion Health for approximately 3 weeks I noticed that I was able to open and close easy and with no pain. A friend of my described as like someone greased my joints. My brother had the same issues and has had the same success as myself.

I walk 3-5 times a week 1-12 kms  with no pain in any of  my joints.  I have recommended to numerous friends who had similar issues with great success.  I recommend the Motion Health Green Lipped Mussel capsules to as many people who mention they have similar issues.  The best part is Motion Health is Health Canada certified. 


Thank You Motion Health Ltd.

Phoebe (sweet Pug)

From Martine Provencher

Phoebe is a 7yrs old Pug. She has been a busy body most of her little Pug’s life. She began her journey as a 4H dog at the young age of 6 months. She attended summer fairs, competed in obedience and agility throughout the years with training and practices every Saturday.

At the age of 3 Phoebe had a medical issue with her spine. She could not stand up or use her back legs, and had to be put on a course of anti-inflammatory to help her deal with the pain and gain use of her back legs again. She suffered from IDD, a condition in which there is a narrowing of the disks between her vertebral column. While at the Veterinary hospital radiographs were taken and Phoebe was also diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia on her left hip.

Green lipped mussel was recommended by the Veterinarian team to help her with the joint disease. Although she is a small breed she was still showing signs of discomfort. She was put on the supplement and after a couple weeks, I could notice a major improvement in her mobility, and how she seemed more comfortable jumping on the couch or in the car. She has remained on Green Lipped Mussel ever since.

Phoebe retired from her 4H career 2yrs ago, as her handler was pursuing her studies at University. We decided to become volunteers with the St-John’s ambulance, where she became a Therapy Dog. We are now visiting hospices in our community and interacting with seniors suffering from dementia. She enjoys the slower pace this hobby offers, as well sharing the hospital beds and the cuddles she gets when visiting.

I strongly believed that Green Lipped Mussel has impacted her life in a positive way. It has improved her quality of life and mobility, and I will be forever grateful being introduced to this product. I recommend it to any pet owner, as it has made a significant difference in my dog’s life.

Martine Provencher

Joint Health Green Lipped Mussel
Joint Health Green Lipped Mussel
Joint Health Green Lipped Mussel

From Darlene (Abbotsford)

Bakerview Pet Hospital

I adopted a senior cat, Daisy, in mid April of this year. Daisy is almost 12 years old and was walking/moving with a little caution. I started her up right away on the Motion Health Green Lipped Mussel and wow I couldn’t believe how fast of a change I saw in her. Within two weeks for sure, she was moving with more freedom in her body and able to walk up the stairs. Daisy has been on this product for at least 6 weeks now and you would never guess she is a senior cat on the way she gets around.


I can’t say enough on how happy I am about the Motion Health Green Lipped Mussel

and how Daisy is feeling like a kitten again.

Thank you so much!

Darlene Seed