Who are we at Motion Health?


Motion Health was born out of friendship. A friendship between people and their pets. Co-Owners, Theresa and Danielle, have been friends since early grade school. Theresa pursued a career in business and Danielle in the Veterinary Industry.

Years later, when Syrus, a Rottweiler in Theresa’s family, tore the ligaments in both his back legs, his Veterinary team recommended surgery. While weighing Syrus’ options, Danielle suggested trying Green Lipped Mussel. Within 4 weeks of using the Green Lipped Mussel Syrus was no longer crying when trying to get up, his limp disappeared and he was able to climb stairs again. After a few more weeks of usage, Syrus was able to run without any indication of ligament problems. His legs were more stable and he was acting like his happy self again.

Motion Health Green lipped mussel

Motion Health's Inspiration

Not readily available in its' pure form in Canada, the journey began importing Green Lipped Mussel as Theresa and Danielle built Motion Health. In 2010 Motion Health launched exclusively in the Canadian Veterinary market, and is currently available nation wide through Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals.

Calls and emails flooded in sharing positive feedback and success stories. Motion Health was making a difference in so many pets' lives. Pet owners began asking if they could take their pets capsules. Recognizing the benefits of Motion Health for pets and their people, Motion Health launched its second Health Canada-approved product. Today we have products available through Health Food stores, Specialty grocery retailers, Pilates and Yoga studios, Veterinary Clinics and Pet specialty stores.

Motion Health continues to be family run with focus on active West Coast living and its core values embedded in friendship, passion, fun and education.




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