Success Stories

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Jim Mabey

From Nova Scotia

I first heard about the Green Lipped Mussel capsules approx. 4 years from a friend of my late mother-in-law. I was having pain in my hands and having trouble opening and holdings things of any weight without a sharp pain.

Sometimes having to put the item down and opening my hands manually.

After trying Motion Health for approximately 3 weeks I noticed that I was able to open and close easy and with no pain. A friend of my described as like someone greased my joints. My brother had the same issues and has had the same success as myself.

I walk 3-5 times a week 1-12 kms  with no pain in any of  my joints.  I have recommended to numerous friends who had similar issues with great success.  I recommend the Motion Health Green Lipped Mussel capsules to as many people who mention they have similar issues.  The best part is Motion Health is Health Canada certified. 


Thank You Motion Health Ltd.

Phoebe (sweet Pug)

From Martine Provencher

Phoebe is a 7yrs old Pug. She has been a busy body most of her little Pug’s life. She began her journey as a 4H dog at the young age of 6 months. She attended summer fairs, competed in obedience and agility throughout the years with training and practices every Saturday.

At the age of 3 Phoebe had a medical issue with her spine. She could not stand up or use her back legs, and had to be put on a course of anti-inflammatory to help her deal with the pain and gain use of her back legs again. She suffered from IDD, a condition in which there is a narrowing of the disks between her vertebral column. While at the Veterinary hospital radiographs were taken and Phoebe was also diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia on her left hip.

Green lipped mussel was recommended by the Veterinarian team to help her with the joint disease. Although she is a small breed she was still showing signs of discomfort. She was put on the supplement and after a couple weeks, I could notice a major improvement in her mobility, and how she seemed more comfortable jumping on the couch or in the car. She has remained on Green Lipped Mussel ever since.

Phoebe retired from her 4H career 2yrs ago, as her handler was pursuing her studies at University. We decided to become volunteers with the St-John’s ambulance, where she became a Therapy Dog. We are now visiting hospices in our community and interacting with seniors suffering from dementia. She enjoys the slower pace this hobby offers, as well sharing the hospital beds and the cuddles she gets when visiting.

I strongly believed that Green Lipped Mussel has impacted her life in a positive way. It has improved her quality of life and mobility, and I will be forever grateful being introduced to this product. I recommend it to any pet owner, as it has made a significant difference in my dog’s life.

Martine Provencher

Joint Health Green Lipped Mussel
Joint Health Green Lipped Mussel
Joint Health Green Lipped Mussel

From Darlene (Abbotsford)

Bakerview Pet Hospital

I adopted a senior cat, Daisy, in mid April of this year. Daisy is almost 12 years old and was walking/moving with a little caution. I started her up right away on the Motion Health Green Lipped Mussel and wow I couldn’t believe how fast of a change I saw in her. Within two weeks for sure, she was moving with more freedom in her body and able to walk up the stairs. Daisy has been on this product for at least 6 weeks now and you would never guess she is a senior cat on the way she gets around.


I can’t say enough on how happy I am about the Motion Health Green Lipped Mussel

and how Daisy is feeling like a kitten again.

Thank you so much!

Darlene Seed

From Evan Cusmano

Abbotsford, B.c.

A couple years ago I sustained a knee injury making it extremely difficult to train during the summer for hockey. I was unable to do most leg exercises which for a hockey player wasn't a very good situation to be in. Once I started taking Motion Health Green Lipped Mussel I really started to see an extreme change in the aches and pains I felt in my knee. This allowed me to ease my way back into exercising my legs which I believe truly helped me get to the level of hockey I'm at today.  I can seriously recommend this product to anyone experiencing pains in their joints.

Evan Cusmano

Abbotsford, B.C.

Joint Health Green Lipped Mussel

Stan and Grace Hindmarsh

About a year and a half ago, while talking to our neighbour, we heard his story of his apparent success with "green lipped mussel" and his aching joints.  We had never heard of this supplement but he patiently told us more.  We both had been struggling with arthritis and had resigned ourselves to accepting it and resorting to conventional pain management methods when necessary.  Grace's thumbs had become quite swollen. Even opening jars was difficult. My knees were sore.  Often this caused climbing stairs to be something I “planned” for to limit the number of trips and thus associated pain.  At our age, various forms of arthritis are not uncommon.  Of course we wished otherwise and continued to live a very active life, but certainly movements were limited.  Getting down on my knees only happened when necessary and was often very painful.  Thus playing on the floor with our grandchildren had become much more sitting on the floor and no kneeling. An appointment with a rheumatologist provided "hope.”  When the pain became unbearable, knee replacement was an option.  I felt, in time, I would likely go that way and hoped it would be successful.  A year and a half later, I am no longer considering that option as a “sooner rather than later” treatment.  After hearing our neighbour's story, both Grace and I decided it would not hurt to try green lipped mussel.  We researched it on the internet and once satisfied, and based on our neighbour’s testimony started taking it. He encouraged us to stay with the program for at least 6 months. About 6 or 7 months later, I joined Grace working in a flower bed.  I went down on my knees without a second thought.  A couple minutes later I became aware of what had happened.  I was willingly on my knees with little, if any, discomfort.  This would not have happened 6 months earlier.  Both of us became aware of great improvement.  My knees no longer woke me up from pain.  I could go down on my knees with our grandchildren.  I didn't have to open jars for Grace as much.  We just finished moving into an addition to our home and it has two flights of stairs - that speaks for itself.

Thanks for providing Green Lipped Mussel.  Thanks to our neighbour too for the "random" visit.  Sharing our own stories may be of more benefit than we often think. 

All the best as you continue to provide a very affordable alternative that, as far as we are concerned, seems to be very beneficial.  We are not aware of any side effects either.  A good story as far as we are concerned.

Stan and Grace Hindmarsh

Zeena & Owner Anna Lupacchino

Delta, B.C.

I was recently made aware of Green Lipped Mussel when I attended the BC/Yukon Agility Regional Competition in Abbotsford, BC on the weekend of May 21 and 22, 2011.  I visited your booth and read all the information and after speaking to a few people who seemed to have good results, I decided to put my 15+ year old dog, Zeena, on GLM.   Zeena was an agility competitor for many years and retired from agility at the ripe age of 14 years old.  She has always been a very active dog, even in her aging years but this year, I have noticed her slowing down.   The usual activities seem to be taking more of a toll on her – our walks have become a little shorter, our runs on the beach are not as enthusiastic and she has completely stopped chasing waves (which used to be her favourite past time).  It’s hard to watch such a vibrant and constantly “charged” dog lose strength and some mobility as they age but we accept it as part of “getting old”.  Frankly, I don’t want to accept it and despite using other products which contain glucosamine, etc., nothing that I have added into the daily diet seems to have helped with the aging process... until just recently.  


I didn’t think much of Zeena a few days ago when she was following me around the house.  She normally lies on her bedding and chills but she seemed to be moving more and following me around so, I figured ‘it’s a good day for her’.  Then when I took her on our evening walk and we were heading back home, she pulled in the other direction indicating she wanted to continue walking to the park.  Again, I thought...’it’s a good day for her’.  But 4 days after having started her on GLM, I found Zeena lying on our bed, I was completely floored!  She hasn’t jumped up on anything that high for over a year.  This time, I didn’t take it for granted – the only thing that has changed is adding GLM daily to her diet.  It’s only been a few days and I’m already seeing a change in  Zeena.  She’s bright-eyed and she spends more time moving around even in the house (where she had become quite complacent lying on her mat).  I’m definitely noticing differences in her and yesterday on our walk on the East Delta Dyke, she ran off the beaten path and into the tall grass to chase her much younger 8 month old ‘sister’ Libby.  She spent the hour on our walk hunting for critters in the tall grass and when our walk was done, she
didn’t look tired.  Again, the only thing that has changed is GLM in her diet. 


I’m looking forward to seeing more results and am looking forward to maybe being able to watch Zeena chase the waves at the beach again.  I have 3 other dogs in my household – another older dog, Lewis, who is 12 ½ years old, Sam-WOW! who is 3 ½ years old and Libby who is 8 months old and they will all be starting on GLM daily.  Thank you so much for providing me with the information on your wonderful product and thank you for taking the time to speak with me at the Regionals and supporting the event.  


Anna Lupacchino, Delta, B.C